jqueryfadeslider continues to grow

Today marks the release of jquery-fade-slider version 2.2

This release provides the ability to listen to events and has some fixes based on the issues reported on Github

The documentation site now has its own domain.

So go and give this awesome plugin a try.

jquery-fade-slider v2.0 Released

25 days after publishing the initial release of this plugin, today I have released and advanced version of jquery-fade-slider

I have also improved the documentation around this significantly. You can take a look at the plugin’s documentation and some of the demos

jquery-fade-slider Released

Released the first version of jquery-fade-slider, my first jQuery plugin.

It enables you to have a usual carousel like behavior, the only major difference being, the items list is not scrolled through, rather a fade effect is used to traverse through the list.

Take a look at the plugin here